Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche laboratory was found by outstanding French biologist Ivan Allush at the end of 70-s of XX century as a research laboratory developing individual products for the salon face and body treatment. These products are rich in natural ingredients: plant essences, animal and biological sea components. You will see that Biologique Recherche products are special already at the first minutes: smell, colour and texture are unique, and cannot be found at any other product.

The distinctive feature of Biologique Recherche products is using of “open formulae”, which means that its structure is being constantly improved by the top French professionals.

Biologique Recherche practices exclusive approach to each customer. The products are chosen depending on the age, skin type and structure, which allows to conduct skin treatment gradually including restoring balance, metabolic processes, regulating of oil glands functioning, regenerating of cells and help slow down aging processes to the maximum.

The products of this brand have high concentration of active ingredients and consist of natural components – plant, animal and Bio Sea essences. The components of the products are chosen in a way that rejuvenating effect, which can be compared with plastic surgery in its power, is provided by stimulation of inner skin reserves.