Hand, Feet and Nail Cosmetics

“The Embassy of Beauty” masters use the cosmetics by the leading producers in their work, including Creative Nail Desing (USA), Catherine (France), Gehwol (Germany) и OPI (USA), Nail Tek (USA).

The basis of all Gehwol products is natural components: rosemary, lavender, thyme, lanoline, camphor and others. Each Gehwol products is the result of the combination of many years company’s experience and modern scientific technologies. These products allow both carrying out of everyday feet care and solve medical problems. Softening, protective and moisturizing components soften skin easily and quickly. Cicatrizing ingredients from the first cream are still now-how of Gehwol brand, and are used in the production of modern cosmetics in the updated form.

Innovative Creative Nail Desing (CND) products regularly add to wide choice of its cosmetic means. Creative Nail Design was the first to introduce to the world the systems of preparative hand and feet care – SPA complexes that immediately gained great popularity. CND products contain sea salt, allowing to soft coarse dry skin. Sea plants rich in minerals, aromatherapy oils and plant essences nourish and soften feet skin.

In “The Embassy of Beauty” you can extent your nails with acryl CND or high quality and superelastic gels from Catherine Nail Collection with the complete natural effect. All gels from Catherine are acid free and do not have any negative effects on natural nails.

Nail Tek products are meant for the recovery and strengthening of natural nails. Nails consist of numerous layers and when unprotected can start peeling off, which makes them weak and soft. Nail Tek protein mixture bond all the layers together and make nails stronger at each application.

Wide range of care products represented in our salon will help you to take care of your hands, feet and nails at home.