Facial care procedures.

Facial care procedures are conducted mostly according to the method developed by the leading French scientists, but we also use our own methods, worked out by the specialists of the salon. Before the opening of “The embassy of beauty” our foreign colleagues delivered to us unique experience of using products by worldwide known laboratory Biologique Recherche. These products are characterized by high concentration of active ingredients and consist of natural components: plant and animal extracts and biological sea elements. Due to modern scientific developments and latest achievements in biology, botanic, dermatology and pharmacology cosmetics from Biologique Recherche laboratory have instantaneous and, more importantly, long last effect.

Depending on individual features and needs of the customer we conduct following facial care procedures using Biologique Recherche cosmetics:

  • lipolifting;
  • lifting;
  • moisturizing;
  • tonic (invigorant);
  • oxygen;
  • eye area care.
Beauty experts of our salon will give you detailed consultation and will choose the complex of the procedures and cosmetics based on your individual needs, which will let us achieve the wanted result in the shortest possible time.
Recommended course for continuous effect is 3-4 procedures per month.