Remodeling Face.

Remodeling face is a unique procedure which includes the effect of Biologique Recherche products and Remodeling Face apparatus (France), created by Ivan Allush, the founder of the cosmetics brand.
The apparatus has multilogic effect on the skin:

  • provides deep cleansing;
  • strengthens the effect of active components;
  • smoothes out the wrinkles and scars;
  • corrects facial contours;
  • contributes to oxygenation of the skin together with the products of the exclusive series VIP O2.
Remodeling Face facial care consists of the following steps:
  • Preparation of the skin with the base kerato-balancing lotion P50;
  • Individual selection of the mask and serum cocktail according to the skin type of the patient;
  • Remodeling Face apparatus use.
After the procedure the skin is deeply cleansed, continuously moisturized and nourished, gets higher tonicity, the wrinkles are smoothed out, and the facial contours get more accurate.

Recommended course: 5-10 procedures.

Average time of the maintaining effect is 6 months. To maintain the effect after the ending of the main course you will need 1-2 procedures per month.