Endermologie (LPG)

Today endermologie is the only method recognized by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), the strictest certification system, as really effective against cellulite of any origin and stage.

Endermologie is the technology of multidimensional effect on the soft parts realized in the apparatus Cellu M6 Keymodule LPG (France).

The principle of the apparatus effect is in its automatic volume stretching of the skin fold, supported by vacuum aspiration of the small volume. LPG apparatus was originally developed for therapeutic purposes, that’s why apart from aesthetic effect (modeling of the figure) it also provides general tonic and health-improving effect. This is a complex procedure involving the whole body. In 45 minutes the rollers are able to go through the whole body and work with all problem zones.

Another advantage of endermologie is that during one procedure it solves the whole range of body aesthetics problems: treatment of the cellulite, reduction of fat tissue volume, modeling of body contour, strengthening and reduction of loose skin area.

Recommended course is 10-12 procedures 1-2 times per week depending on the individual features and needs of the customer.

Average time of the maintaining effect is 6 months. To maintain the effect after the ending of the main course you will need 1 procedure per month.