Bipolar radio lifting

The principle of RF-lifting is based on contact effect of high radiofrequency electric field, which is aimed at the controlled warming-up of the derm and subcutaneous fat. As a result it creates certain temperature conditions, which in its turn gives the jerk for the development of fibroblasts, basic skin cells.

One more apparatus used in “The Embassy of Beauty” salon is ReAction (Israel) – innovative combination of aether waves and vacuum which gives powerful rejuvenating effect in the shortest possible time, as well as corrects the body contours, removes cellulite manifestations, provides strongly marked lifting effect. ReAction allows to choose individual program for the body, face and eye area. Apart from that, ReAction is the only apparatus used for eye area which allows avoiding plastic surgery.

Main advantages of bipolar radio lifting with ReAction apparatus:

  • Non-invasiveness (effect which does not influence the skin);
  • The absence of rehabilitation period;
  • Possibility of getting immediate results and achievement of considerable reducing of the skin area after the course in case of gravity ptosis, decrease of skin flexibility, emerging of the wrinkles, cellulite, local fat deposits;
  • The absence of season contraindications.
After the completion of the course of bipolar radio lifting skin becomes more elastic and smooth, body contours get tighter; the content of collagen and elastin in the skin becomes higher.

Recommended course is 3-5 procedures.

Average time of the maintaining effect is 1,5-2 years. The procedures for maintaining the effect after the ending of the main course are not needed.