Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy is the deep insertion of the active substance under the skin with the help of ultrasound apparatus. Ultrasound therapy provides “wave’ massage of the skin, which results in the improvement of the nourishment and oxygenating of each cell and in better outflow of cell exchange products (detoxication). Besides, ultrasound has anti-inflammatory effect, which is used in problem skin treatment.

Ultrasound therapy is held with Super Sonic UK-230 apparatus (Taiwan).

Super Sonic UK-230 allows to conduct tissue massage on the cell level, providing the normalizing of the biochemical reactions and combines three types of influence: mechanical, thermal and physicochemical. It reinforces cell metabolism, activates lymphatic system, which helps to exteriorize all waste products from the organism. Micro vibration by the ultrasound performs the function of micro massage. And finally ultrasound effect allows deep cleansing of the skin from contamination and keratinized cells.

Ultrasound therapy provides micro massage of the tissues, blood circulation improvement, improves the medicine’s penetration into the skin, intensifies production of collagen. The completion of ultrasound therapy course lets your muscles get better tonus, and achieve the lifting and rejuvenating effect.

The recommended course is 5-10 procedures.

Average time of the maintaining effect is 3-4 months. To maintain the effect after the ending of the main course you will need 1-2 procedures per month.