Disport injections

The insertion of “Disport” preparation is one of the basic methods of the age-related changes correction of the face, neck and low neck area skin. “Disport” is the preparation of botulinal toxin of A type, which is used in medical aesthetics for more then 10 years. This time helped to accumulate large experience and develop safe schemes of preparation injection. Botulinal toxin blocks the effectors of the facial muscles. It leads to the traction of the muscle, while the skin smoothes and the wrinkles disappear. Regular use of “Disport” injection will allow you to achieve continuous rejuvenating effect, get rid of expression wrinkles without surgical operation and reduce excess body perspiration.

Optimal “Disport” correction zones are:

  • vertical wrinkles above the bridge of nose and horizontal wrinkles on the bridge;
  • “crow’s feet”;
  • expression wrinkles on the sides of nasal arch.