Contour correction

The traditional cosmetics is challenged by skin aging changes, and unfortunately, is unable to solve all the problems. Often special means are needed for the correction of the wrinkles and deep lines. One type of such means is so called fillers – injection implants that represent self-sufficient non-surgeon alternative for the skin defects correction.

The professionals of “The Embassy of Beauty” salon use fillers of Restylane group, meant for the filling of the wrinkles and increase of the lip volume.

Restylane preparations belong to the latest generation of the fillers containing hyaluronic acid, which represents natural component of all living bodies. Hyaluronic acid in the skin retains large amount of water around itself and adds the necessary volume to the tissues of the skin.

These biologically resolving medications proved to be safe and effective due to the simplicity of the usage and absence of the allergic reactions and complications.

The duration of the effect of injection implants Restylane is individual; though the experience shows that 50-80 per cent of the original effect remains after 6 months. With some of the patients the effect remains up to a year’s period, but most prefer recurrent procedure before that. Upon completion of the effective period the preparation resolves by itself without any mark left.