Biorevitalization method appeared only at the beginning of XXI century, but already managed to gain a lot of followers not only among the professional but also among the customers. This safe and effective method not only fights with the wrinkles, but also renews metabolic processes in the skin bringing youth and beauty back to it.

The aim of biorevitalization is to insert the gel of hyaluronic acid inside the skin with the help of specific methods. It is worth to mention that hyaluronic acid plays major role in the aging of the skin and organism on the whole. It “accompanies” a person the whole life and its aim is to create the conditions for the cell renewal and regulate their activity.

The skin biorevitalization procedures in “The Embassy of Beauty” salon are held with the unique injection preparation of the lengthy effect Restylane Vital. The biogel injected into the skin does not cause allergy due to its biocompatibility. After the injection the product starts stimulation processes of producing own collagen proteins, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin, which becomes the skin carcass. This carcass protects the skin from the moisture loss, appearance and deepening of the wrinkles.

Recommended course of Restylane Vital suggests 3-4 biorevitalization treatment sessions once a week. One session in 2-3 months will be enough for the supporting therapy. The effect of Restylane Vital injections remains during several years.