Mesotherapy is a technique for face and body care and cosmetic drawbacks correction. It represents the injection of medical products directly into the problem area, which allows to create maximal concentration of the product in the necessary zone without general effect on the organism. The medications used in the meso therapy are vitamins, minerals, amino acids, extracts of plant and animal origin that allow punctuate effect upon the problem zone in the area of its appearance.

Meso therapy can have face, neck and low neck lifting and rejuvenating effect, treat acneiform rash, stretch marks, expanded vessels, pigmentation, cicatrices and cicatrices changes, correct the manifestations of cellulite, localized fat deposits, renew the tonicity and elasticity of the skin, raise moisture retaining capacity of the deep layers, saturate the skin with the valuable nutritive materials and restore muscle tonicity.

The duration of the course depends on the individual features, but normally consists of 10-12 sessions.