Pilling is the procedure aimed at removing of the surface layers of the skin epithelium with the help of special preparations to rejuvenate the skin. Pilling is used for the correction of age defects of the skin and prevention of the aging. Pilling effects include the disappearance of the roughness of the skin, wrinkles, renewal of the face contours; the skin becomes more elastic and smooth.

With the age the skin’s ability for self regeneration reduces. Modern methods of non-surgical rejuvenation of the skin, including glycolic pillings of the French laboratory Renophase, will help your skin to be always young, healthy and radiant.

Unique feature of Renophase pillings is balanced combination of glycolic acid, biologically active components and phitoestrogens.

The advantage of surface glycolic pillings is the absence of system and toxic effect, simplicity and safety of performance, absence of rehabilitation period. The use of he pillings results in considerable reduces of horny layer, higher activity of the cells. After the use of rejuvenating procedures in our salon your skin will regenerate, “breath” with energy and shine with health.

Recommended course is 7-10 procedures.