Anti-Cellulite Massage

This kind of massage is aimed at reducing the manifestations of cellulite. There are a lot of various techniques of anti-cellulite massage. Our specialists will choose the most suitable and effective ones for you.

Anti-cellulite massage affects mostly subcutaneous fat and is performed locally in the areas with strongly marked manifestations, sometimes four-handed. This kind of massage is aimed at the maximal intensification of the blood circulation in massaged zones, as the basic principle in cellulite treatment is recovery of microcirculation.

Before the procedure massage therapist affects the corresponding areas with the help of various heating up gels and creams, which activates metabolic processes in fat deposits. In the process of anti-cellulite massage the temperature of massaged areas rises for 1-2 degrees.

Anti-cellulite massage includes traditional classic massage techniques as well as specific movements, aimed at the removal of the congestive fat nidus under the skin. An example of specific movements is “roller” technique: the skin is slightly lifted in the shape of roller and then is moved in different directions within massaged area.

The massages therapist’s movements affect the skin in such a way that biologically active spots and reflex zones are irritated, the whole energy network is influenced, immune system gets stronger, blood circulation and metabolism improves. In this case the excess weight just disappears as a consequence.