Lymphatic drainage

The aim of lymphatic drainage is to intensify the movement of lymph by means of effect on the lymph nodes, vessels and capillaries. Different kinds of lymphatic drainage came from different parts of the world: Ayurveda lymphatic drainage – from India; huna – from Hawaiian Islands; manual drainage of lymph – from France.

Lymphatic drainage massage is performed along lymphatic viae and improves lymph current. It also contributes to the active excretion of the excess liquid and toxins from the conjunctive tissue. Massage movements here are sliding, smooth, soft and rhythmic. There is also deeper lymphatic drainage technique to affect lymphatic vessels, which pierces through muscular tissue. Deeper influence requires stronger movements.

Lymphatic drainage massage reduces the tissues edema and clears the body of chemical waste. In most cases lymphatic drainage is used as preparation for anti-cellulite massage, reinforcing its effect. Although cellulite is not the only indication for use this kind of massage. Lymphatic drainage massage is also necessary for the people with lymphatic system diseases. For example, it is an effective method for the treating of deviations of lymphocyte level in the blood. It is also perfect varicosity prevention.

In “The Embassy of Beauty” salon we will offer you general lymphatic drainage massage as well as localized correction of particular areas.