Stone-massage represents specific kind of massage using various natural stones and is based on thermotherapy – interchange of hot and cold stones.

Hot stone massage has beneficial effects for the muscular relaxation, it intensifies metabolic processes, brings the feeling of physical rest and peace of mind. Main effect of hot stones is angiectasia and hyperaemiam, which improves local blood circulation, intensifies metabolism and accelerates excretion of metabolism products.

Cold stones massage (in turns with hot ones) leads to skin vessels and capillaries constriction, liquidates congestion of blood in veins, increases muscular tonus, extends the entry of the fresh oxygen-enriched blood into the tissues.

Stone massage allows to achieve physical and mental balance. Today stone therapy is one of the most dynamically developing health-improving massage techniques. The procedure results in improving of the blood supply, intensification of the lymph circulation, the tissues are intensively saturated with the oxygen. Besides, massage helps to remove muscular pains and pains in joints, restore tonicity and elasticity of the skin. Contra-indications to the stone-massage are pregnancy, any skin problems when humidity and heat can provoke worsening of the state.