Chiro-massage is a specific method, combining various techniques of classic oriental massage systems and chiropractics. The main difference of chiro-massage compared to other kinds of massage is in particularly careful muscle stretching and plasticity, absence of discomfort during and after the procedure.

This kind of massage has a very deep influence on the body and can have incredible results due to the complete relaxation of the muscles. First of all, nervous, muscular, cardiovascular systems and joints are affected. Tense muscles are released from the stress, and the skin is noticeably lifted.

The speeding-up of the lymph circulation makes the excretion of the toxins faster and improves lymphotrophy, which allows effectively fight cellulite and edema. It removes dead cells of the horny skin layer, broadens blood vessels, normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, the tissues become more elastic, strengthens muscles tonus. During this kind of massage relaxing movements are alternated with rather powerful ones.

Chiro-massage can be conducted all over the body or locally in problem areas. We will also offer you four-handed massage.