Hydro-massage is the procedure of directed therapeutic influence on the organism with the help of water streams delivered under pressure. Hydro-massage bath helps to improve health and raise energy level through the relaxation and water massage. The effect of massage “cocktail” made of water streams mixed with air bubbles prevents the blood from stagnation in the body, normalizes metabolism, excretes slags and toxins from the organism, prevents from the cellulite and has stimulating and tonic effect on the skin and muscular tissue. The use of cosmetics considerably improves the efficiency of procedures and deepens massage effects.

Modern hydro-massage bath in “The Embassy of Beauty” salon is developed by French company Massor, the leader in the SPA equipment production. It is supplied with a lot of water atomizers allowing the conduct of tonic massage and lymphatic drainage of the body. Together with water sessions we provide automatic massage programs for relaxation, stimulation and the correction of the figure. Individual programs of manual water stream hydro-massage with regulated power stimulate blood supply and lymph flow, speeds up metabolism, decongests tissues, increase elasticity of the skin. During the procedures we use unique products by Biologique Recherche containing the components from natural or concentrated sea and ocean weeds that compensate the lack of minerals and bioactive substances in the organism.