Nail Service

Visiting of manicure and pedicure cabinet has become an integral part of modern person’s life. Today it is impossible to imagine successful woman or respectable man with unmanaged hands or feet.

The specialists of “The Embassy of Beauty” will offer you classic and European manicure, SPA-manicure (complex program which apart from manicure with cuticles pushed back includes moisture treatment, pilling and nourishing of the hand skin); procedures for strengthening and treatment of natural nails, design and decorative nail painting.

Our masters will also offer you nail extension from Creative (acryl) and Catherine (gel). Our nail extension technologies are completely safe for the nail plate, and it is almost impossible to tell the difference between our nails and natural ones.

Besides, our salon offers full range of feet care services: classic, male and SPA-pedicure using Gehwol and Creative cosmetics. SPA-pedicure procedure causes perfect effect regardless of the state of the feet skin. To make your feet step remain soft and elastic for a long time we offer you one of the most enjoyable procedures – paraffin therapy.